Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Fee

1) How do you determine your shipping fee?

Shipping fee is determined by the sellers based on the total weight of their products. Seller will indicate shipping fee information on their product detail page.

Shipping fee may vary based on locations, such as Sabah and Sarawak.

2) What is free shipping?

Free shipping is an additional benefit provided by sellers that they will bear the shipping cost for buyers.

However, this exempted shipping fee may be imposed to buyer if buyers cancel order / request return and the responsible party lies with buyer.

3) What is Bundle Shipping?

Bundle shipping allows you to pay the shipping fee only 1 time for multiple products you are purchasing.

Instead of paying individual shipping fee for each item, bundle shipping fee is calculated based on the total weight of those products as one.

Bundle shipping is only available when;

  • those products are from the same seller
  • those products are shipped from the same warehouse
  • those products have same shipping method (Courier or Direct shipping)

4) If I order multiple products, do I pay shipping fee only one time?

Shipping fee is calculated and charged individually per each seller. If you are buying products from the earlier seller, you are most likely to pay shipping fee one time for all (Bundle Shipping).



1) What is Preparing for Shipment?

Once your payment is successful, will notify sellers. Sellers will check their order to proceed shipping.

Once your order is confirmed by seller, seller will pack your product and ship it to you.

If sellers deliver directly to you without courier service, seller can update shipping status without having to provide tracking number.

2) How do I know if Seller has shipped my product?

AutopartKu will generate email updates to you of the shipping status. Shipment logistic number will be provided for your tracking purpose.

3) Seller already shipped the product, but my tracking is not available.

There could be a bit of delay from courier companies to update with tracking status. If it is not available yet, please go to their official website directly and check your shipping progress.

4) If I checkout multiple products together, will they arrive the same time?

Every product you purchase will be shipped by its sellers. Unless you are buying multiple products from the same seller, the arrival time of each item may vary.

5) How long does the shipping normally take?

Shipping period depends on the courier companies selected by the Seller. Usually courier companies manage to deliver the product within 3 to 5 working days after shipment starts. However, if there are weekends and public holidays, shipping can take longer time.